Beetle Dragon
Beetle Dragon Adult

"While a Beetle Dragon's body is mostly hard and shiny, its underbelly is coated in thick, orange fur. It feels a bit wiry to the touch, unfortunately, so Beetle belly-rubs are unadvised. While its horns are enormous and good for sparring with other dragons, we assure you it's safe to keep them near paths. They don't reach that far. We checked."
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Available Level 16
Habitat Earth, Air
Incubation Time 8 hours
Breeding Time 8 hours
Positive Earth, Air
Buying Price  ??? Gem template
Selling Price  ??? Coin template
Hatch ??? Xp


Beetle Dragon Baby


The Beetle Dragon is mostly a very dark blue-grey. Its head is a slightly darker blue-grey, and it has a single long horn sprouting from its forehead, with a similar one coming from its nose. It has an underbite, with a jagged jaw. Its body is somewhat round, with a stiff tail pointing upwards, and it has six thick legs with two pointed toes each. Its clear, insectoid wings are hidden underneath shiny yellow wing cases, unless they are in use, and its belly is coated in coarse orange fur.


The Beetle Dragon is an Earth/Air Golden Hybrid, and is fairly rare. It can be bred by using, in any order, an Earth Dragon and a hybrid that contains the Air element, at any breeding cave available to the player.