Bugzapper Dragon
  • Baby
  • Adult

"The Bugzapper Dragon's creation is a strange one; created by hand by the Burcadians and brought to life using powerful lightning and metal magic, these dragons were created to rid of the magic-sucking Needletail Dragons. These dragons sent the Needletail Dragons to near extinction; this caused the magic to leave the Bugzapper Dragons, returning them to lifeless statues. However, now that the Needletail Dragons are back, the Bugzapper Dragons have returned to the vale!"
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Available Level 11
Habitat Tech, Lightning
Incubation Time 28 hours, 48 minutes
Breeding Time 28 hours, 48 minutes
Positive Tech, Lightning
Negative Pure, Water
Buying Price 1,700 Gem template
Selling Price 1,500 Coin template
Hatch 133,000 Xp


The adult Bugzapper Dragon's appearance is somewhat complicated; it's mainly deep, dark navy in color, with a long, thunderbolt-like snout with a curved jaw. It has pale gold, handle-like "ears" and sky blue eyes, with icy blue pupils with pale icy blue thunderbolt patterns in them. It has bulky, three taloned front legs, with curved backlegs with the same talon total. It's tail is a very large bugzapper, with four "holes" on the front revealing a yellow, glowing core within the bugzapper. At the tip of the tail is a curved "lid" and a small, glowing lightning bolt-shaped ornament.


While the Bugzapper Dragon can be bought from the market for 1,700 gems, during any Whitbee's Candy Bash it can be bought for 1,700 candy.


The Bugzapper Dragon can be bred with using, in either order, two dragons containing the Tech or Lightning element in the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.


  • Before of the release of the Tech element, the Bugzapper Dragon would be a Metal and Lightning Golden Hybrid instead of a Tech and Lightning one.
    • It's breeding combo would also reflect this, being any Metal element dragon and any Lightning element dragon would create a Bugzapper Dragon.