Candy Dragon

Candy Dragon

"This colorful dragon is from Candlandia, a kingdom that was in a saga of wars over a princess the king had a crush on. It's scales look tasty, but you don't want to try to eat it. A candy dragon gets very ferocious if you do that."
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Available level 15
Habitat Candy Habitat
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Selling Price 2,500 Coin template


The candy dragon is bubble gum pink. It has candy corn horns and peppermint colored underbelly. There is a lollypop on the end of the tail. The wings are colorful like many kinds of candy.


This dragon has a very low chance of being bred. Most of the time, any breeding with three or more elements have a possibility of getting one. On November 5(National Candy Day), the chances of getting a candy dragon is boosted.


  • Kingdom, saga, and crush are references to a popular game called Candy Crush Saga.
  • Candlandia is a reference to Candyland, a board game.