Color Dragon
  • Baby by TDLA
  • Adult by The Gold Dragon
  • Example of a Thatched Roof Cottage turned green

"The Color Dragon is rare, but friendly. Very friendly. It was found following a wizard and was named for it's color. We are still trying to make the first one stay on its perch instead of chasing the visitors."
More info
Available Level 25
Habitat Perch of Color
Incubation Time N/A
Breeding Time N/A
Positive Unaffected
Negative Unaffected
Selling Price N/A Coin template
Hatch N/A Xp


The Color dragon is orange on it's body. It has green on it's eyes, it's underbelly, at the end of tail, on it's horn, and on part of it's wings. The rest of it's wings are yellow.


The color dragon could be a legendary dragon. To summon, you need all eight basic dragon eggs on display. Once that happens, the Perch of Color will appear. Instead of racing or questing, you find objects. You can find objects anywhere, on random islands, in dragon's hands, floating around in random places, in the middle of a race, carried by visitors,in the gemstone island, and more!

You collect objects by clicking them. Sometimes you get the same one twice. If that happens, you can trade it in for treats, dragoncash, or XP.

Once you summon the color dragon, you can use a special power it gives you. It can change color to things!

At first, you can't do much with it. But you can level it up! You can do this with a Paint Factory.

Like a treat farm, there are different kinds of paints with different times. You can upgrade the factory, too.

Feed your Color Dragon enough paint and you can color many things!

  • At baby form, a Color Dragon can only color decorations and can only use green, yellow, and orange.
  • In juvenile form, it can color habitats, decorations, the breeding cave and can use green, yellow, orange, blue, and red.
  • In adult form, it can color habitats, decorations, the breeding cave, paths, the grass on the islands, visitors, Kairo's perch, it's own perch, eggs on display, and it can use the colors green,yellow, orange, blue, red, purple, pink, white, and black.

Note: Coloring objects does not affect the object. The Color Dragon is just something to try for after you get Kairos and start to get bored. Some people would like to use color to organize their park or to make it look better. If you can think of a way that color can help a park make money or treats or something like that, tell below or edit the page.

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