Crown Jewel Dragon
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  • Adult

"The Crown Jewel Dragon is one of the rarest dragons ever found. They are the very first Hybrid Gemstone Dragon and are one of the rarest dragons. As their teeth fall out, they replace them with diamonds. Sometimes, Crown Jewel Dragons have fashion shows."
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Available Level 15
Habitat Treasure, Gemstone
Incubation Time 60 hours
Breeding Time 60 hours, 48 hours upgraded
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Buying Price 5000 Gem template
Selling Price 20,000,000 Coin template
Hatch 5,000,000 Xp


The Crown Jewel Dragon has a golden crown on it's head with a big ruby in the middle and two sapphires on either side of the ruby. It had a huge diamond on it's forehead and emeralds surround the diamond. It's back molars are diamonds. It has huge gemstones on it's shoulders and it's hips. The kind of gemstone of the shoulder and hips varies depending on the Gemstone Dragon used to breed it. It has another golden crown on the end of it's tail with one big and two small pearls on the crown. It's body is golden. It's egg has a huge ruby in the middle surrounded by rainbows. A golden crown tops the egg.


The Crown Jewel Dragon can be bred by breeding a Treasure and a Gemstone Dragon together. The type of Gemstone Dragon used changes the type on gemstone on it's hips and shoulders.

Earning Rates
Level 1 Level 10
65 Coin template per min. 2 Gem template per month 456 Coin template per min. 1 Gem template per week

Note: There are no boosts or shrines for the Crown Jewel Dragon.