Electricity Dragon

"Most wizards think that this dragon accidentally came though a magical portal from the future. I mean, it's tail looks weird..."
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Available Level 35
Habitat Lightning Habitat only
Incubation Time 16 hours
Breeding Time 16 hours
Positive Lightning
Negative Water
Selling Price 2,000,000 Coin template
Hatch 3,000,000 Xp

The Electricity Dragon is a pure lightning dragon. It will become availible at the 35th aniversery of the first computer, which is in 2014.


The Electricity Dragon's body is mostly light gray with yellow streaks. It's blue horns almost connect, only stopping them with an orange ball of unknown material. It has red wings. It's tail looks like the plug of a computer. It's egg look's like a Lightning Dragon's egg except with a yellow backgrond and a dark yellow lightning symbol.

Earning Rates
Level One Level Ten
30 Coin template per min. 126 Coin template per min.
Level Fifteen Level Twenty
190 Coin template per min. 267 Coin template per min.

Earning Rates With Lightning Boost (+)
Level One Level Ten
50 Coin template per min. 154 Coin template per min.
Level Fifteen Level Twenty
216 Coin template per min. 274 Coin template per min.
Earning Rates with Water Boost (-)
Level One Level Ten
15 Coin template per min. 144 Coin template per min.
Level Fifteen Level Twenty
173 Coin template per min. 231 Coin template per min.

Breeding, Selling, etc. Edit

The electricity dragon is a limited dragon. When it is availible, it can be bred by a Lightning Dragon and an Earth hybrid Dragon. It can also be bred by a very rare chance of a Lightning and a Lightning Dragon. The Electricity dragon can be bought for 900 Gem template. It lives only in Lightning habitats. They have an incubation time of 16 hours. Electricity Dragons can be sold for 2,000,000 Coin template. You get 3,000,000 XP upon hatching.