Faith Dragon Edit

The latest and rarest emotion dragon to appear, the Faith dragon has been revered as a teller of the future. This dragon has it's hopes high, and is optimistic about what lies ahead. It's undying anticipation and desire has made it a popular dragon to wizards. The wizard Nogard himself said, "This dragon is a representation of these beasts undying hopes for life, and no one should be a downer about what lies ahead. Be like a dragon, and soar!"

Breeding and Incubation Times Edit

The Faith Dragon can be bred using an Ouroboros Dragon and a Elysium Dragon. Incubation Time: 1 hour, 1 minute.

Notes Edit

  • The Faith Dragon is the first and only emotion dragon that requires two epic dragons that are not emotion dragons to be bred.
  • The faith dragon's short breeding time is short to make up for it's rarity.

References Edit

  • Ouroboros + Elysium represents hope. The Ouroboros represents hope of rebirth, and Elysium means to look back at life, and look towards the future.
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