Jelly Bean Dragon

"Jelly Bean Dragons are interesting to watch. Each head has very different personalities, and they argue a lot. Jelly Bean dragons are a colorful way to improve your park!"
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Available Level 14
Habitat Candy Habitat, Plant Habitat
Positive Plant
Negative Metal
Buying Price 900 Gem template
Selling Price 99,000 Coin template


The Jelly Bean dragon can be obtained by breeding two dragons, in any order, including the Candy and Plant elements.


The Jelly Bean dragon has three heads. Each head shows a different mood. This dragon is colorful, like jelly beans.


  • The number nine is a reference to the number of heads the jelly bean dragon has.
    • 3 x 3 = 9
  • It is bred with Plant and Candy because the flavors of jelly beans are usually fruit flavored.