Legend Dragon

"No-one thought such a dragon ever exsisted. They thought it was just a legend, a myth, a fairytale. But one man swore it was real! He set out on a journey to come back with one of its scales. He never succeeded until one day the dragon flew over a town and amazed all of its citizens. Now it is known to be real."
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Available Level 11
Habitat Any, Legend
Incubation Time 24 hours
Breeding Time 24 hours, 19 hours 12 minutes upgraded
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Buying Price 7000 Gem template
Selling Price 10,000,000 Coin template
Hatch 5,000,000 Xp


It looks just like the rainbow dragon but with yellow and white stripes running along it's sides. Its breath has suns, moons and rainbow sparkles. It is mix of sun, moon and rainbow. 


It can be put in any habitat but there is a legend habitat to hold one legend dragon. The legend habitat makes the legend dragon get even more coins.


It gives 1000 dragoncash and 1 gem per hour.


It can be bred by a Sun and Moon hybrid (like LED, SED, or Equinox) with a Rainbow dragon.

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