Livefire Dragon
Livefire Dragon

"While many agree this dragon is adorable, it is advised not to touch this dragon. "Why?" you may ask. Well, it's because this dragon's made of pure fire. Nobody knows how that's possible, but all we know is that it's a little firestar. Just try to keep it away from your metal dragons. The heat can make them rusty."
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Available Level 20
Habitat Pure, Fire
Incubation Time 300 Minutes
Breeding Time 300 Minutes
Positive Pure, Fire
Buying Price  ??? Gem template
Selling Price  ??? Coin template
Hatch ??? Xp


The Livefire Dragon is a very vibrant orange color, with several specks of gold in it's skin. Several specks of "fur" can be seen on it's chest, and instead of legs, it has a long, whispy tail. Instead of arms, it has flame-like wings, and on it's face is a beak and two frills for ears, the frill resembling fire. It's eyes are completely gold, having an enteral happy expression.


The Livefire is a hybrid between the Pure and Fire elements. It can be bred, in any order, a Fire Dragon and any dragon which contains the Pure element, at any kind of breeding cave.


  • The description calling it a "little firestar" and warning to keep it away from metal dragons to keep them from getting rusty is a reference to the book series Warriors, starring a domestic cat named Rusty who'd later go on to become the leader of Thunderclan, Firestar.
  • It's breeding and incubation time of 300 minutes references how real-life wood burns at 300 degrees.