Marshmallow Dragon

"Marshmallow Dragons were discovered on the island of Malsrahowl. The wizard Gelli who found it was writing the name of the island in his journal when he was distracted by a playful Marshmallow Dragon. He was so distracted that he misspelled the name of the island and spelled it "Marshmallow" by accident. He called the new dragon the Marshmallow dragon."
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Available level 15
Habitat Candy Habitat or Air Habitat
Positive Air
Negative Earth
Buying Price 300 Gem template
Selling Price 500,000 Coin template


The Marshmallow Dragon could be obtained by breeding two dragons, in any order, involving the Candy and Air elements.


  • The name of the wizard, Gelli, is a reference to gelatin, which is used to make marshmallows.
  • "Malsrahowl" is "Marshmallow", but it is scrambled.
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