Basic InformationEdit

Element: Olympus

Breeding and Incubation Time: 45 hours

Breeding Combination:Solar Eclipse + Lunar Eclipse


The Minotaur Dragon's face looks like the bull-like creature on the Large Sun Habitat.


Its head was displayed on a habitat of some kind. But why is the head still sticking on it? Legends say that there are two bull-dragons guarding the habitat. One dragon stayed outside and guarded the habitat at daytime, and the other guarded during nighttime. While one guarded outside, the other slept inside. But one night the night guardian dragon refused to guard the habitat. The two then argued whether to swap roles or not, then the night guardian dragon escaped from the habitat and sleepwalked for eight hours. The next day it woke up, finding itself in Mount Oly! That is why the head still remains on the habitat.


  • This is the FIRST EVER (?) dragon that requires limited epic dragons to be bred.


  • The habitat mentioned in the description is the Large Sun Habitat.
    • The dragon's head is the bull-head on the Large Sun Habitat.
  • Mount Oly -- Mount Olympus, a mountain in Greece, said to be home of the Twelve Olympian Gods.
  • ...sleepwalked for eight hours -- The average person's sleeping duration.