Music Dragon
Music dragon

"When Witch scientist Igorfola was fiddling around with Music particles, one of her test dragons walked into where she was moving them and the two of them combined to make this gorgeous dragon. Don`t yell in their ears, though, they have very sensitive hearing."
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Available Level 29
Habitat Music Habitat
Incubation Time 50 hrs
Breeding Time 45 hrs
Positive Music, Dream, Rainbow, Sun
Negative Apocalypse, Moon, Olympus
Buying Price 5,200 gems Gem template
Selling Price 3,000,000 $ Coin template

Appearance Edit

The Music dragon is a bright neon blue with tye dye wings and underbelly. They have fluorescent blue eyes and spikes one their heads, and a music note on their wing. They also like to carry around music note necklaces.

Breeding Edit

A Music Dragon can be bred using a Dream Dragon and a Love dragon, in either order, at The Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island

Element Edit

The Music Dragon belongs to the Music Element, along with the Orchestra dragon, the Rhythm dragon, and the Piano dragon.

Habitat Edit

The Music dragon lives in the Music Habitat, along with all the other Music Element dragons. The habitat has a blue tile floor with a music note on it, and crystals and music note sculptures circling it. It also varies with the size.

DragonCash Edit

The Music Dragon delivers 900 cash per minute, and 54,000 cash per hour.