Permafrost Dragon

"This two-legged dragon lives in the coldest reaches of Antarctica. Their breath is so cold, water vapor turns to crystals around them. As babies, their parents slather their necks in water, so ice crystals can form."
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Available level 15
Habitat Cold, Water, Lightning
Incubation Time 9 hours
Breeding Time 9 hours
Positive Cold Boost
Negative Fire Boosts, Water Boosts, Lightning Boost
Buying Price 1000 Gem template
Selling Price 750,000 Coin template
Hatch 1,000,000 Xp


The Permafrost Dragon is a light, sky blue color with a yellow underbelly. They walk on two legs and don't have any arms. Their tail tip is the same shape as an axe. As adults and juvinilles, a ring of ice crystals surrounds their neck. Their eggs have light blue and yellow wavy lines.

Earning Rates
Level One Level Ten
25 Coin template 167 Coin template
Level Fifteen Level Twenty
268 Coin template 307 Coin template