Popsicle Dragon
  • Baby

"These dragons are great to be with, especially on hot summer days. The air around Popsicle Dragons is cool and refreshing. The only problem with this dragon is that they make huge messes wherever they go. Remember to bring a mop when you are with this dragon!"
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Available level 14
Habitat Candy and Cold habitat
Positive Cold
Negative Fire
Buying Price 300 Gem template
Selling Price 3,000,000 Coin template


The Popsicle Dragon has sharp horns, claws, and tail. They are separated into three parts. Each part is a different color. This is similar to some types of popsicles. This dragon is mostly light blue with a darker blue as the secondary color. There are hints of indigo on the tails and horns. It has two legs and arms like a T-Rex.


The Popsicle dragon can be obtained by breeding 2 dragons, in any order, involving the Candy and Cold elements.

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