Pure Dragon
Pure Dragon

"It was a great shock to all when a new primary dragon came to the vale, but alas, it happened. When researching dragon breeding, Gwyddion found an oddly patterned egg among a pile of Fire Dragon eggs. He took it home for research and, lo and behold, emerging from the egg came a Pure Dragon!"
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Available Level 16
Habitat Pure
Incubation Time 5 Minutes
Breeding Time 4 Minutes
Positive Pure
Negative N/A
Buying Price 75 Coin template
Selling Price 50 Coin template
Hatch ??? Xp


The Pure Dragon is a grass green color, with no other colors on it's scales. It's front legs are somewhat tall, with three toed feet, while it's back legs almost curve, like a cat's legs, with the same three toed feet. It has a basic looking tail and wings, and an almost beak-like mouth. It has green horns, and yellow eyes, with slit pupils and one shine in them.


The Pure Dragon is a primary dragon, meaning it can be bought with DragonCash. However, it can also be bred by breeding a Pure Dragon with another Pure Dragon in a breeding cave.


  • There are several references to how most dragons in fiction are known to breathe fire.
    • The fact it was found in a crowd of Fire Dragon eggs is a reference to this.
    • It shares the same incubating time as a Fire Dragon.
    • It also has the same buying price and selling price as a Fire Dragon.
      Pure Dragon Egg

      A pure dragon egg.