Serpent Dragon
  • Baby by XxPercy JacksonxX
  • Adult by TDLA

"The Serpent Dragon was discovered in Lake Nose swimming around only 50 Miles away from The Scar Of The World. 585 wizards attemped to catch this dragon until was at last taken into the wizard reasearch lab to be studied. After 2 Years The wizards allowed for people to have this amazing dragon in their parks!"
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Available Level 25
Habitat Water Habitat, Dark Habitat
Incubation Time 18 Hours
Breeding Time 18 Hours
Positive Water Boost
Negative Lightning Boost
Buying Price 180 Gem template
Selling Price 100,000 Coin template
Hatch 50,000 Xp


This Dragon has many scales for swimming faster underwater, and has a sleek body to slide through tiny spaces. Also It has a large 3 point tail with a small bit of webbing in between. The Wizards are still studying this dragon. The egg is aqua colored with a serpent-shaped head in the middle.


The Serpent Dragon can be bred using any combination of dragons(Epic and Gemstone Not Included). It is a Water/Dark Hybrid Dragon.


The number of wizards, 585 is a reference to the first year a serpent was supposedly spotted.

Earning Rates
Level 1 Level 10
10 Coin template per min. 100 Coin template per min.
Level 15 Level 20
150 Coin template per min. 200 Coin template per min.

These numbers are affected by boosts.