Small undead habitat


From the dead, withering trees to the huge, long cobwebs blowing in the wind, this place is the perfect place for your Undead Dragons to thrive. Just be sure that you asure your guests that it's okay and very safe... ish.

The Small Undead Habitat has a dark, black base with dead, withering trees near the back. A couple of cobwebs dangle from a few of the trees and a tombstone is located in the bottom-right corner of the habitat.

Capacity and EarningEdit

The Small Undead Habitat can hold 2 Dragons at most. It can only hold 50,000 dragoncash at most, or else the habitat will stop at 50,000 and won't earn any more Dragoncash until it is collected from. It can only hold Undead Dragons and Undead Hybrids.