Snowshoe Dragon
  • Baby
  • Adult

"The Snowshoe Dragon is a very strange dragon. It wakes up from hibernation in Spring, builds a den during Autumn, reemerges again during Winter, and hibernates in the Summer! Because of this, many ancient Burcadians thought it was magical; and these rumors continue today, though nobody can decide whither it's the Sandaklos of Spring or the Egggiver of Winter."
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Available Level 11
Habitat Ornamental, Aura
Incubation Time 12 Hours, 4 Minutes
Breeding Time 12 Hours, 4 Minutes
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Buying Price 1,300 Gem template
Selling Price 100,000,00 Coin template
Hatch 150,000,000 Xp


As a baby, the Snowshoe Dragon has a rather simple appearance; it's a sky blue, bunny-like dragon with with long front legs with nubbed feet, and curved back legs with also nubbed feet. It's stomach is icy blue, and a long pale gold ribbon is used as it's tail. It has a short icy blue "muzzle" with two small nostrils, icy blue wing-like ears, and triangular eyes with shines on them, meant to give the appearance of it's eyes being closed.

The adult form looks mostly like a larger form of a baby, however there are a few differences. The most notable change is the fact it's tail now resembles the bow on top of the present, with it having grown wings that resemble the baby's ribbon-like tail. However, it's feet now have three small claws on each of them, and there's a tuft of fur on it's stomach. It's eyes haves opened, revealing pale gold eyes with lighter gold pupils, said pupils having white shines within them.


Normally the Snowshoe Dragon is bought from the market with 1,300 Gems, however during any Egg Hunt or Jolly Jubilee event, it can be bought with either 300 mythical eggs or 600 iceberries.


The Snowshoe Dragon can be bred using a Gift or Regift Dragon and a Bilby Dragon, at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Notes Edit

  • When placed within the Ornamental Habitat, it adds several oval shaped, easter egg-like ornaments to the trees.

Possible ReferencesEdit

  • The dragon's name most likely comes from the Snowshoe Hare, a species of hare known for living in snowy environments.
  • One of the Snowshoe Dragon's titles being the "Egggiver of Winter" is likely a reference to the Easter Bunny.