Space Dragon
Space Dragon

"The Space Dragon was discovered by the great Wizard Galileo. He was fascinated by the beautiful stars all over the dragon's body. However, no one agreed with him that this dragon was beautiful. One day, the wizard and his dragon vanished. Today, the dragons have returned to the world to play with their cousins, the Moon Dragons."
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Available Level 12
Habitat Moon, Large Moon
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Buying Price 1,969 Gem template
Selling Price 7,500,000 Coin template

Breeding Edit

The Space Dragon can be bred using any combination that includes the Cold, Dark, Fire, and Light elements.

Possible References Edit

  • The amount of gems needed to buy the Space Dragon, 1,969, is a reference to the year in which man first landed on the moon.
  • The "Wizard Galileo" is a reference to Galileo Galilei, the famous 16th and 17th century astronomer and scientist.