Sunburn Dragon

"This rare cousin of the more common Fire Dragon flies through the skies, emmiting harsh rays of radiation as strong as the sun. It causes severe sunburns and blisters to form on nearby living things. It's probably best to keep this one away from paths."
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Available level 11
Habitat Fire Habitat, Lightning Habitat
Incubation Time 6 hours
Breeding Time 6 hours
Positive Fire Boost, Lightning Boost
Negative Cold Boost, Water Boost
Buying Price 750 gems Gem template
Selling Price 500,000 Coin template
Hatch 100,000 Xp


The Sunburn Dragon looks like a red, fiery griffin. It's tail is the shape of a fire and it has long, thick, chicken-like legs. It has huge eagle wings and has the mouth of a hawk. It's egg is red and has a fire design in the middle.


Because the Sunburn Dragon has the same element combination as the Scorch and Firefly Dragons, it can't be obtained by breeding the Lighning and Fire Dragons directly. It can only be obtained by breeding a Fire Dragon with a Lightning Hybrid or a Lightning Dragon with a Fire Hybrid. If you breed the Lightning and Fire Dragons directly, it is impossible to get the Sunburn Dragon.

Earning RatesEdit

Level DragonCash per min Level DragonCash per min
1 15 11 182
2 23 12 193
3 32 13 212
4 45 14 233
5 54 15 256
6 63 16 273
7 132 17 288
8 154 18 300
9 163 19 321
10 171 20 342