[1] This dragon already exists. Please don't flag this page for deletion, as the fanon dragon was made before the real one. [2]

Surprise Dragon Edit

Coming in seventh place as the one of the most popular emotion dragons, the surprise dragon is an enigma. It loves to sneak up on Fear and Joy Dragons, and play tricks on other dragons. Their ability to camouflage makes their talents for stealth well liked among the wizards, unless one of these beasts decide to trick an unsuspecting guest. Just make sure when you breed this dragon, you keep a close eye on your emotion habitat, or you might get an unexpected surprise!

Breeding and Incubation Time Edit

The Surprise Dragon can be bred using a Joy Dragon, and a Fear Dragon. Incubation Time: Surprisingly fast(30 seconds)!

Notes Edit

  • This is the only emotion dragon that uses two other emotion dragons while breeding.
  • Like the Humor, Hope, and Trust dragons, this dragon is not based off a character from Inside Out.
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