This is the story of an ancient dragon named Loboduke. You may have heard of him. He is represented in the Light Shrine. This story is narrated by a Light Dragon named Sundance, who was guided and inspired by him. Here is his story.

The Legend

If you want to learn of Loboduke, then we must go w-a-a-ay back in time, to a time when humans and dragons hated each other. While most tribes fought against dragons, one tribe made a truce with Light Dragons, and created a magicked crystal that, once activated, would bring light and dark dragons back to DragonVale. Now time went on, and Light and Dark dragons became extinct. Now let's go to a much more recent time period. A group of students from the House of the Iron Blossom were exploring when they stumbled upon the Magicked Crystal. Of course, they didn't know what it was, so they tried an activation spell on it. The Crystal exploded, creating the Scar of the World. The Scar seemed to just be a form of destruction, as it destroyed the Tower of Erebus and almost killed a wizard who nearly fell into it, but the Scar did more good than evil by recreating Light and Dark Dragons and magic. And Loboduke was one of those Light Dragons. As all of us dragons were trapped in the dark void of the Scar, Loboduke made it his duty to make sure all dragons made it out alive. He created a passage through the void, but refused to go in until everyone else made it in. He helped anyone who fell down get back up, and if anyone needed help, he was right at there side. He united all of our Light magic to create a beacon that led us out of the Scar. Once we made it out, Loboduke checked to make sure everyone was safe and sound. His legacy lives on, and all dragons follow him as a role model to find their bravery.

This is one of many of the amazing stories in the realm of DragonVale.

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