Tombstone Dragon

"It lurks through the graveyard, looking for it's next meal. It craves, not a body, but a tombstone. These Dragons like to take huge chomps out of tombstones, but don't even touch the bodies. Strange for an Undead Dragon, huh."
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Available Level 20
Habitat Undead, Earth Habitat, Metal Habitat
Incubation Time 15 hours
Breeding Time 15 hours, 12 hours upgraded
Positive Undead Boost, Earth Boost, Metal Boost
Negative Air Boost, Plant Boost
Selling Price 1,500,000 Coin template
Hatch 750,000 Xp


The Tombstone Dragon's body is a pale brown. It has two, small gray wings and stands on two legs. It has two arms, a jagged crack down it's head and two small, pitch-black eyes. They have regular, pointy tails.


The Tombstone Dragon can be bred with the elements of Undead, Earth, and Metal. Naturally, one dragon would have to be a Hybrid with two of these elements, while the other is a single element dragon. You can breed two Hybrids together in hopes of doing this, but this severely decreases the chances of getting your desired dragon.

Earning RatesEdit

Level 1: 4 Dragoncash per minute, Level 10: 56 Dragoncash per minute, Level 15: 87 Dragoncash per minute, Level 20: 116 Dragoncash per minute.

Undead Boost- 7 more Coin templates per min.