Most people/dragons on this wiki know how the dragon infoboxes and templates work, but this is for the new people/dragons who might not know these things. This blog exists mostly for the new users so they can help the DVF(DragonVale Fanon) wiki.

Dragon Infoboxes are on the dragon pages. They describe the dragons in a neat, orderly way. This is how it looks in source mode=

{{Dragon InfoboxS
|image = {{Switch}}
|description = {{BlankDescription}}
|available = N/A
|habitat = N/A
|incubation = N/A
|breeding = N/A
|positive = N/A
|buygems = N/A
|sell = N/A
|headercolor = #000000
|headerfontcolor = #FFFFFF

Now change all of the N/A's to what you want and change the #number to one of these colors.

There are several templates that can be useful in DVF wiki.

One is the Switch template. Note how it is used above in the Dragon Infobox example. The Switch template is a replacement for an image if there is no image available. This template is simple.


This template is like the Switch template, but it is for descriptions. It is also used in the DragonInfobox, like the Switch template.


To get the gem symbol do this.


To get the DragonCash symbol do this:


There is a new element. It is the candy element. It needs many element combos, so new pages would be useful. The Candy Boost symbol is simple.

{{candy boost}}